Saturday, February 11, 2012

One Good Thing Leads To Another (Day 27)

Dear Diary,

Style Me Pretty
Have you ever heard the saying, You can't be successful in just one area of your life? Well, I think that's true. I find that any success I have in any area of my life tends to show up in other areas, too. Maybe it's happiness, maybe it's confidence, or maybe it's just that sense of accomplishment we have when something goes right. We carry that with us and it just gets into everything, doesn't it? This clean way of eating is having that effect, too. It's moving into other areas of my life, as well. 

I've started looking at my house differently. It's so easy to let things accumulate, isn't it? Yesterday's newspaper, last semester's files, and all that stuff in the garage ... It's going to take an act of congress to get that stuff cleared out. I was thinking about all the stuff that crowds us into our tiny home, that chokes down our living space and robs us of our joy in the present. Isn't that the way in so many areas of our lives? There's stuff that gets pushed to the back of the closet that just kind of takes up permanent residence there. It takes up room and serves no purpose save to rob us of our living space. I think we do the same thing with thoughts and emotions, don't we? Shoving them out of the way where they just pile up in some forgotten corner of our heart? I actually said out loud while I was thinking this, I want to have room for my life now! My life today! And in that same moment, I thought about my body, about how the crap that I've eaten, off and on for so many years, may be robbing me of my joy in life today. I want room in my body for the food I'm eating now, room in my life for the now.

This kind of gets back to what I wrote earlier this week so I guess it's a thought that I'm still processing. There's been plenty of talk 'around the water cooler' about that last post, so it seems like people think about it - even if they've been afraid to discuss it. I'm really glad for a place where we can talk about the changes that are taking place in our days, in our kitchens, in our homes and in our lives. Maybe the junk in our bodies is symbolic of the junk in our lives. Maybe clearing out the internal junk is just the first step and maybe that success is just going to get all over everything.

I'm hopeful.

Happy Weekend,


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    1. Thank you, Maria. I send good wish your way, as well!

      By the way, I clicked over to design elements and ... Wow! The images are BEAUTIFUL! (I especially like the images of An Apartment in Paris.) You can bet I'll be following along.

      Best thoughts!