Monday, February 6, 2012

Cheaters Never Win... (Day 22)

Dear Diary, 

Yep, its true... I cheated! It felt so good at the time, but the second it was over; I regretted it. We went to a Wedding last night where I somehow had the strength to eat a raw salad (w/ papaya seed dressing) only, but just couldn't resist the Tiramisu. It was decadent, delicious, and dreadful all at the same time. I regretted the indulgence as soon as I licked the last bit of cream from my spoon.
Therefore, 'punishment' is in order. I feel like I need to set some stricter guidelines for myself, although don't feel 'ready' for an all-juice cleanse (just yet). I am going to Detox Transition Level 2. Let me back up for a second... I did the Detox Transition when I first bought/read Natalia's book a few months ago, and I am a Level 3 (or at least I was a Level 3). But, as always, I am in need of something more. I need more 'rules' or I feel like I can easily make 'excuses' and leave the door open for cheating. Therefore, I am going to Detox Level 2 for 7 days. I am going to strictly follow the menu from The Raw Detox Diet book. 
"A Level 2 is not necessarily overweight but wants to get as lean as possible and obtain vibrant health." Yep, that sounds like me! "To be successful at Level 2, you must appreciate the kitchen and shop for fresh produce regularly." Uhh huh, that I can do! "A good candidate for Level 2 is a young person that raised on natural foods or an athlete who has not used drugs or steroids and has not consumed large amounts of animal protein." Hmmm, okay I was not raised on natural foods; as my Mom thought that vegetables from a can were acceptable? And I am no athlete, but a Yogini! I can say with confidence, that I am no drug/steroid user and have not eaten many animal proteins in the past 6 months. Did I say I was searching for something 'more'... Well, I think this just might be it! Lastly, it says "Level 2's should also be willing to do some colon therapy..." Something I have never done before... But, I made my 1st appointment! Don't worry I will refrain from blogging about the 'details' of my experience! It is definitely going to be a challenge, but I am ready for it! Cheaters never win, but sometimes get a second chance! 

*I have a feeling I will be making a new best friend at my local Farmer's Market... As I am going to be visiting every couple of days and taking home boxes like this... 

Unfaithfully Yours, 

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  1. Mags,
    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this. As usual we are on the same page. I love that we can admit it, out loud, when we are struggling (or even, in your case, when it's a very rare mistake), BUT I, in no way, want to become enablers for each others' cheating. It's a slippery slope, as I always say. So, YAY FOR YOU and Detox 2! Love that you're doing Detox 2 this week. I have issued a challenge for myself this week as well, starting today. I will blog about it tomorrow but we'll have to keep in touch as we do it. TOGETHER. (BTW, I for one DO want to hear about the colon therapy. Terrified but intrigued by the thought...)