Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goodbye my one true love...

Dear Diary, 

Just a random update... 

So, its worse than I thought... I am 'allergic' to cacao! Seriously?!!! This can not be possible... But, it is! It makes perfect sense too. I have been feeling like I am having an 'allergic' reaction (sinus headaches, congestion, watery eyes, low energy, etc) since starting this experiment on the Raw Detox Diet... Well, its because I am allergic to all the cacao I have been consuming in my many many raw deserts. Go figure! I am still going to cut way back on my coffee intake and limit (any whole cow's milk) but at least I feel like there's hope to my health. I'll keep you all (interested peeps) informed!!! 

Its been 5 days since I had cacao/chocolate and as hard as this is for me to admit... I FEEL GREAT! I even had a cappuccino this morning (to 'treat' myself) for my good behavior! I am feeling awesome, and just had to share!!! 

I am still eating about 60%-80% Raw, but adding sprouted 'bread' and avocado to my morning ritual... I think since I am teaching Yoga daily, I need some real food in the morning to get me going and keep my strength and energy HIGH!!! I am listening to by body, and THIS is what its begging for!!! 

Happily Yours, 



  1. I read this and thought, "WHAT? ALLERGIC to CHOCOLATE?" That's like giving up your birthright! Lol! Then, I realized that if you're allergic/sensitive to chocolate, best that you know it, better that you avoid it. I'm SO GLAD you're feeling better! Proof's in the pudding, right? (Even if it's not chocolate pudding - grin.)