Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sandwiched In Between

Dear Diary,
Day before yesterday, I wrote a happy, light-hearted little post to publish today. Does that sound like cheating? Writing my post ahead of time? I wrote it a day early so that I could publish it first thing this morning. The only problem is, that happy little post is just not exactly how I'm feeling this morning. So, now what? 

This 'eating raw' thing is hard sometimes. Sometimes I'm just tired, and I'm out of steam, and I don't know what to eat. (That sounds like such a ridiculous statement coming from a grown woman. For goodness sake, just go eat something and get over it.) Sometimes, I'm just so overwhelmed with the list of things to accomplish between now and semester's end, that I can't get my thoughts around it all and I just want to have a sandwich. Will someone just please make me a sandwich? Or juice me a carrot, or brew me a cup of tea?

I really want to be genuine here, and to write honestly about my experience. Today, that means admitting that I'm struggling. I believe I'll find my way through this part without giving up. I also believe I'll come out on the other side with a better understanding of what works for me - the things I aspire to do as my life becomes more manageable (and in an effort to make it so) and the things I can do right now. For today, however, I want to acknowledge for anyone else out there who's trying to improve their diet and their life, that there are weeks when it's just hard.

Thanks for listening,

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  1. We need this community to keep supporting each other. You are doing GREAT. You are an inspiration. And you are human. Go ahead, have a sandwich. Then get back on the straight and narrow. You won't want another one. I promise. It's like that dress you're dying to buy from Anthropologie but really shouldn't spend the money on...just try the darn thing on. Chances are it's not as cute as thought and you don't even want it. And if you do still love it that much, well...maybe you just need it then. Sometimes I just have to get something out of my system (ahem, cereal) to get it off my mind...or to realize I don't even need it as much as I thought.