Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Crazy Sexy 21 Day Cleanse...

Dear Diary,

I'm Back!
I've been MIA lately for a plethora of reasons... I apologize, first and foremost. But, as one of my favorite saying goes "It doesn't matter how many times you leave... What truly matters is how many times you come back." Now, this is in reference to your mind wandering off the mat while attempting to meditate or practice yoga; but I thought it seemed to fit perfectly to my current situation. I was here, then I left, and now I'm back!!!
I am back with a vengeance, feeling more determined than ever to make another life transforming transformation. I too am reading (and loving) Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. I have decided that on Thursday March 1st I am going to do The 21 Day Cleanse. A Crazy Sexy Cleanse is my next great adventure? Hmmm... As Kris says in her book "Perfect is beige. Obsessing over every bite is completely contrary to to the purpose and spirit of my book. Your overall goal is to have a peaceful feeling in your heart and in your body. Its that simple. So don't be afraid, just get out there and and do your thing! If you bottom out or revolt over the course of the next 21 days, just giggle and recommit. Okay?"
So here I am, giggling over the past 10 days and how I've just simply gotten lazy. I am still juicing daily, as I can't live with out my Green Lemonade! But I've returned to old habits such as grabbing a Larabar instead of making a salad and/or juice, mis-combining foods, and eating about 80% cooked meals at dinner time. The result is feeling sluggish, slow, and sad. Its true I feel depressed when I eat the wrong foods for MY body. Not like I am beating myself up for making the wrong food choices, depressed; but simply just unhappy about how the wrong foods make me feel like *&#!
I have been feeling like *&#! for almost two weeks (on/off) and have had enough! I was doing so good and feeling so alive, what happened? Oh yes, LIFE happened. I got busy, life became stressful and a little overwhelming; and when I needed good health/nutrition the most, I bailed on my TRUE SELF!
Well, no more! I am getting right back on track with my CRAZY Sexy Cleanse. And honestly, the thing I am most looking forward to with this 'cleanse' has nothing to do with or without food. Its all the 'other' things that are brought to attention is this cleanse, such as Focus/Intention, Prayer, Affirmation, and my personal favorite God Pod Maintenance (aka self-care)! An exercise that Kris talks about in her book is picturing yourself (or finding a picture of yourself) when you were 5 years old. Ask yourself, as you 'look' at her, how would you have treated her, loved her, fed her, nurtured her if you were the Mother of the little you. I know that I would have done a lot more for little Maggie than I have done in the past 10 days much less 10 years of this life. A huge part of this cleanse is extending the same compassion to your adult self as you would to your 5 year old self. Taking naps, eating healthy food, exploring your imagination/creativity, and being adventurous. Doesn't sound so bad, huh? Well here I am, about to leap yet again into the unknown... On my way into another adventure! Anybody with me?!!!

Courageously Yours,


  1. Picture a tiny heart here. Right next to you - and your five-year-old self. Love you!

  2. The one thing you are not cheating yourself on is your honesty to yourself (and us the readers). I find your writing refreshing in the openness that you share your shortfalls as a human. Your not afraid to admit, that yes life does happen, but as you also stated---its not how many times you leave but how many times you come back. So your message is not one of failure, but a hopeful message about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and tackling the next adventure. So Yes I'm with you........well not really as far as the actual sexy crazy diet thing goes (maybe if it was just a sexy diet--HA), but I'm here cheering YOU on!! Go Maggie, Go Maggie.

    On a side note---I never heard that saying before "It doesn't matter how many times you leave... What truly matters is how many times you come back", I like its message and that is what I'm going to take with me from your post and embrace that idealism into my Thanks for that!!