Monday, February 20, 2012

Coconut CANDY!!!

Dear Diary, 

I am delayed in writing to you, for I was out in the jungle collecting coconuts! No, I swear its the truth. The Raw Coconut Cream Pie, made me do it! My family and I decided that ever since I tragically found out I was "allergic" to Cacao (aka CHOCOLATE) we were going to start making young coconuts a staple in our house. After I made this incredible Raw Coconut Cream Pie, I am very thankful for my 'monkey' of a husband and his incredibly brave climbing skills. Today we drove out towards Huelo, to a friends property, to tour their beautifully lush and tropically jungle land. As we hiked across rivers and through taro patches filled with water lilies, we snacked on fresh oranges, ripe bananas, and sour cherries. When we were finished exploring we started hacking and collected about 50 coconuts!!! We are getting pretty used to opening them and no  longer fear their 'hairy' layers. Its a treat well worth waiting for, especially for my son who devours the coconut water like his little life depends on it or like its candy! Tonight I'd like to make Raw Coconut Ice Cream, but now fear destroying my food processor. I am in desperate need of a Vita Mixer!!! Hmmm, off to 'shop' for my a Mandolin, a Vita Mixer, and maybe a new machete!

Sweetly Yours, Mag-Pie


  1. Now THIS was worth the wait! Such an adventure! Love your story, Magpie!

    A good friend of mine who is a juicer recently got a Vitamix and loves it. I'm kind of intrigued. Maybe it's a good thing I haven't popped for a new blender yet!

  2. Oh, great. You're posting about coconut cream pie, and I'm still stuck on green lemonade - Lol!

    And the Readers' Choice Award goes to .... Maggie Bijl! (crowd cheers)

  3. Not sure I want to go trick or treating at your house!! It's not the fact that you consider coconut as candy that scares me's the whole mandolin playing--machete swinging--coconut splitting thing that has me a little freaked out!!! I'm afraid I'll lose an arm or something reaching for a baby coconut!! :)