Monday, February 13, 2012

The lesser of TWO evils... (The beginning of the End)!!!

Dear Diary, 

I am just catching up on the last two blog posts from deborah and Rebecca as I was in heaven (I mean Hana) this weekend... We just got home about 30 minutes ago, and as my husband unpacks the car and my son unwinds I am contemplating "As we're coming to the end of this first 30-day experiment, I'm trying to draw some conclusions about what I want my next 30 days to look like." Perfectly said Rebecca, I am right there with you. On the drive back from Hana, in the pouring rain, I starred out the window thinking about the past 30 days of this experiment; and how it has literally transformed me inside and out. I feel like it has changed the cells of my body and my being as a whole. More importantly, I am thinking about and 'planning' my next 30 days, and how to embrace this transformation as my new normal! 

With that said, I have a lot of 'homework' in my near future... I am still awaiting the arrival of Eat Right for your Type book (mainly out of curiosity), booking my first series of Colon Therapy sessions, and making an appointment with my Naturopath. Even though I feel like, for the most part, this experiment has been a success I am having one MAJOR issue and I can't seem to just 'let it go'... I NEVER get colds. I mean, I maybe get a simple cold or flu once a year that might last for 2-3 days. But nothing that a little homeopathy and homemade honey/cinnamon tea can't take care of. Since I started this Raw Detox Diet (aka experiment), I have been "sick" with a sinus cold for about 80% of the time. Thats not the 80/20 I was aiming for... 

When we started, I thought I got some sort of bug/virus while traveling from the mainland and spending way too many hours in the airport; but that sinus cold lasted for a good 2 1/2 weeks! Seriously! I just got over that 'sickness' and finally felt 100% for about 5 days. And now, I am sick again! Sneezing, watery eyes, and completely congested. YUCK! What the heck? I mean, I feel like I am the 'healthiest' that I have been in years, maybe ever! I am eating 80-90% raw foods, juicing 2-3 times day and teaching/practing yoga 4-5 days a week! I should be feeling great, right?

Hence making the appointment with my Naturopath. I have a sneaking suspicion that since I have completely altered my diet, that the 10-20% of non-raw foods are destroying my immune system. I mean, I could not be getting more vitamins and minerals, right? I guess, I'll leave that question up to the professional... 

I am very frustrated though, and dread the answer I can assume is coming... No wine, no chocolate, and NO DAIRY (of any kind). I haven't been eating very much dairy, but I do on occasion enjoy a little organic goat cheese, raw cheeses, and/or have a cappuccino/latte w/ steamed "milk". I always try to opt for Almond milk, but sometimes (esp at Starbucks) I am left with 2 "bad options" Regular COWS milk or SOY milk. Which is the lesser of two evils? I still don't know. Obviously, I should just never got to Starbucks... Duh? But, I too have my weaknesses.

So, like I said, this leaves me with lots of 'homeowrk' for the next 30 days, and my "new challenge"... No coffee! Oh dear God, did I just say (type) that out loud? I think this might be my greatest challenge of all times! I am terrified. I am going to quit cold-cucumber, and let you know how its going in a few days... Nope, I am not done blogging about all this... I am also going to cut way back on chocolate, even the Raw Chocolate Mousse that has come to be my new best friend. And finally, say farewell to DAIRY for good. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! 

Somethings got to give... There's no way that I can be eating this "clean" and healthy and be getting sick! Especially, when I NEVER got sick before. This is craziness!!! So onto the next experiment, the next 30 days, and yet another life transforming entirety. Yet again, to be continued...

*Would LOVE to hear thoughts, suggestions, or any/all advice...

Experimentally and sniffily yours, 


  1. Oh, Maggie, you are amazing. Could it be possible that you don't have TOO MANY vices but TOO FEW? I am NOT saying this to be an enabler and encourage you to go back to your old ways (as, um, not-that-bad-in-the-first-place) as they were but that maybe your body is still detoxifying? Purifying? Purging all the bad out through your bowels (ick, I know), sweat, snot...and tears (sad for you!) Please keep me posted. I can't believe you said the "C" word...I've been contemplating it myself, even just for the 40 days of Lent but terrified to even type it.

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  3. Give it another 30 days and if no change LISTEN to your's telling you something!! I'm not debating with you on your lifestyle choices, those are for you to decide. I want to see you happy and healthy both physically and spiritually, so you will need to find that balance in your life. Right now you feel emotionally well because you are doing what you think is best for your body. However, physically you're run down. It won't work if the two are not in sync with each other. You seem so excited and committed to your experiment that I will keep a positive thought for you that there is another unrelated explanation for your sniffling. Here's to the next 30.........

    1. Thanks Kevin!!! Thank you for your thoughts, support, and insight; but most of all for following our Blog and this 'experiment'!!!

    2. You're welcome!!!

      P.S. The only reason I deleted the first post was because there was no picture attached, the comments were exactly the same. I didn't realize it would leave a trace---HA!!