Friday, January 27, 2012

Too Much to Fast (Day 12)

Dear Diary,

I lied to you.  Or maybe just led you on.  So sorry but I have to renege.  I'm not going to do the juice fast after all.  Not now.  Shawn talked me out of it.  See, I have this tendency to take things to extremes.  As soon as things start to go well (and for us, adjusting to this new lifestyle, it's only been a few days that life has resumed some sense of calm), I decide I need to up the ante.  And why?  The challenge of it?  That's silly.  From Shawn's perspective, I'm a nursing mother, taking care of a family of six, and we're just getting into a groove, why do I have to go and mess with it?  Besides, he knows he'll possibly be dealing with a stressed-out crabby wife.  I am not willing to forego the whole idea, just shelf it for now.  Let's start with this 30-day project and go from there.

As for the new us, things are going swimmingly.  For Shawn and me, I made the Raw Pad Thai last night, with soba noodles instead of coconut strips (recipe posted by Maggie).  It was TO DIE FOR!  Seriously, one of the best dinners I've ever eaten - much less made myself.  And speaking of making dinner myself, for the kids I roasted a whole organic chicken and served it simply with corn on the cob and sweet potatoes (allowing them to slather on as much organic butter and sea salt as they wished).  It was a huge hit!  Then, I took the leftover chicken, corn, carrots and celery and made it into chicken noodle soup.  Seriously.  I really did.  I know, just a few weeks ago you'd hear me shouting, "Do you want Dora or Princess soup tonight?" as I peeled open the can of Campbell's.

Really, I could just weep I'm so proud of how well my family's adjusted to our new normal.  Shawn is still not snoring.  Amazing!!!  He's probably lost five pounds - and seemingly five years - in two weeks.  He's energized and positive and motivated... and even encourages me to stay on track.  And the kids.  Remember when I tried to use the recipes in that Deceptively Delicious cookbook (Jessica Seinfeld) in order to get them to try SOMETHING green?  I hid spinach under the red sauce on pizza and served it up, only to have my daughter spit it into her napkin while yelling accusingly, "Hey!  There's salad on this pizza!"  Well, that same little spitfire just helped me stuff my blender with fresh pineapple, fistfuls of spinach, banana and coconut water...then sucked down the green concoction with gusto.

So...I'm going to leave well enough alone.  I'm going to let us keep enjoying our new normal before I rock the boat with a juice fast or any other major change.  Besides, I just committed to running the marathon this fall so that should give me my "up the ante" fix for a while.

TGIF!  Hmmm...maybe I'll try making some of my own raw snacks from my new cookbook, Raw Energy, this weekend.  I'll let you know!


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  1. You are ROCKIN' this thing, Beck! And did I just read that Madame Spitfire just drank something green? WHAT? Yeah, you're doing great! I can just see the three of them with their buttery little faces at the dinner table - Lol! I love it!

    Thanks for the Pad Thai review. I've just gotten to the recipe section of Natalia's book and not a moment too soon. After almost two weeks of wraps and salads and veggies and baked fish, I seriously need something delicious and this might just be it!

    You're doing great and you do so inspire me! Keep up the good work! MWA!