Saturday, January 21, 2012

One For the Road (Day 6)

Dear Diary,
It's me again. Still juicing! I'm amazed at how ready I am to climb out of bed in the morning and feed those veggies into my juicer. No coffee required. I am having issues with my choice of juicers, but more on that later.

I've been thinking about what I wrote earlier this week, about my past experience with trying to improve my eating habits. 
"This has happened quite a few times now, that I've been following a plan and doing just great, taking off weight, feeling really good and then some little something happens that gets me off track - a dinner out, a holiday, a vacation and it's just like flipping a switch. Lights Out. I'm done. It's like falling off a horse and never getting back on."
I'm leaving in the morning on this overnight, and I have to say, I'm just a little uneasy about leaving the security of my kitchen. And my juicer. And my produce-laden refrigerator. I'm traveling with a group and I so don't want to get stuck in a situation (and especially not this early in the game) where I don't have any good choices.

I'm trying to get myself together to get out of here in the morning and I've washed and sliced and packed into a container blueberries, strawberries, and mango. I have a totebag filled with carrots and bananas and Lara Bars. I have bottled water and raw flax crackers and with everything I've packed, you'd think I'm hiking out into the wilderness. Honestly. (eye-roll)

So, I've now prepared the best way I know how. I've packed fruit and veggies and whole grain crackers, and I'm reminding myself that it's just two days. I'll make the best food choices I can, relax and just enjoy. There will be plenty of Green Lemonade waiting for me when I get home.

Now, I'd best pack my own bag before it gets too late.

Wish me luck!

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