Thursday, January 26, 2012

KALE Caesar!!! (Day 11)

Dear Diary, 

I love to ‘entertain’ and have dinner parties… I simply love food (and wine). I guess that’s why I never (ever) thought I could go raw (even just 80/20). Much less did I think I would actually have a Raw Dinner Party, and ENJOY making the food. But, here I am making a menu all while soaking, chopping, shredding, and juicing. My son is taking an epic nap, thank goodness, because I just made a disaster out of my kitchen (and I still have to clean-up and preferably take a shower since I haven’t since Yoga this morning. Yuck! Priorities, right?! And NO Becky, I am not making a Video Blog capturing the catastrophe. 

The Menu:
Appetizer: Sunshine Joy Soup
Salad: Raw Kale ‘Caesar’
Main: Raw Zucchini ‘Pasta’ w/ Tomato ‘Sauce’
Side: Beet ‘Proscuitto’
Desert: Nutty Chocolate Mousse w/ coconut

Dinner was a huge success! When/where I would normally be in a food-coma, and sinking deeper onto my pillow; I am slowly sipping Madagascar Vanilla Tea (with a slight wine buzz) blogging about tonight’s triumphant feast. The Sunshine Joy soup was a highlight along with the Beet ‘Proscuitto’ and Kale Caesar. I could have eliminated the Raw Zucchini ‘Pasta’ w/ Tomato ‘Sauce’ as my ‘noodles’ turned out more like ‘slaw’ and I got a little too creative with the sauce (adding way too many spices, aka ‘curry’… Is that possible?) Anyways, the Nutty Chocolate Mousse w/ coconut was delicious as well; but didn’t compare to the simple Chocolate Mousse from a few days prior. Oh wait, are we supposed to be ‘detoxing’ or something? This is way too much fun and seriously too indulgent!
Furthermore, I never (ever) thought I could go RAW! I mean I married a Dutch man, therefore basically thought I would forever be eating cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But I honestly haven’t missed it. Tonight I added a little Raw Sheep Cheese to the Kale Caesar, but it didn’t need it.
More importantly, I never (ever) thought I could give up my a.m. (or afternoon) caffeine. But seriously, after my Green Lemonade, I don’t even want coffee. I still ‘treat’ myself to an afternoon cappuccino, mainly out of habit, I think? It’s truly amazing what we can accomplish when we really set out to make a change within ourselves. I started on this little experiment as a way to support/encourage two incredible women if my life to make a similar life-change as I had previously started. I am daily being inspired and supported by them in return; and passing it along, one dinner party at a time. It’s a beautiful thing!!! 

Yours Truly,

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  1. Love waking up to Green Lemonade and a new post! You rock, Maggie!

    PS For what it's worth, I need to recheck the zucchini pasta recipe, myself. I made it two nights ago and wasn't crazy about my version either.

    Have a great day! MWA!!