Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Juicer Crush (Day 10)

Dear Diary,

This has been a banner week. I had a great trip, I feel fantastic, aaand ... I bought a new juicer. Yep, after nine days juicing with my little Hamilton Beach, I am now the happy owner of a beautiful, sparkling white Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. *crush*  Wow, do I love this juicer. I couldn't even wait until this morning and juiced up some veggies after dinner last night. This little machine is amazing! It's so quiet - and how nice is that at six-thirty in the morning? The other thing I notice is that the pulp is really dry and not the sloppy mess with which my other juicer left me. Less juice in the pulp and more in my glass seems like a smart thing, right? Oh, and there's no foam in my glass. I kept running across this when reading juicer reviews and I didn't understand the big deal about foam filters, but I sure get it now. This is just so much better in so many ways. I love my new juicer!

Now, about my trip, what a fun adventure! And I think I did pretty well. I ate lots of fresh fruit and raw vegetables and a little bit of fish. I had a couple of Lara Bars and I never 'miscombined'. I drank lots of water and got a good night's sleep and enjoyed myself like crazy. Being prepared went a long way in helping me make good choices and honestly, I didn't feel like I was eating differently than everyone else. It was so not a big deal. I came home with a duesy of a cold and just layed low the next day, but with lots of rest and juicing, I was feeling better before bedtime. Pretty fast recovery time - even for me!

I could hardly wait to juice that first morning after I got back. I fired up the juicer and had a tall Green Lemonade followed by a carrot/ginger/grapefruit. Wow, was that ever delicious! (Truthfully, it was apple/pear/carrot/ginger/grapefruit and I now know to remove at least some of the grapefruit peel before juicing. All that peeling made it a little bitter, but for all the benefits, I happily drank it.)

I also tried something else this week, which was really good. Into the blender, I added the following:
1 frozen banana
three or four frozen mango chunks
a huge handful of fresh spinach leaves
about three-quarters cup of cold water
spoonful of raw honey
Then, I blended the daylights out of it and it was really good! 

When I told my friend, Brooke, about it, she shared this combination with me:
1 frozen banana
frozen peach slices
fresh kale
coconut water 
Doesn't that sound delicious, too?

I'm feeling much more confident about being able to travel and stay on track. Clearly, preparation is key at this stage, but I also think a part of the easiness about this is that I really don't feel hungry or get light-headed or crabby when meals are delayed, which actually makes every day easier, not just travel days. My energy stays up and I just feel really good. I'm eating so much less, but feeling so much better. 

Now, back to Craig's List to sell a juicer.

More later.


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