Friday, April 6, 2012

New Leaf

Dear Diary,
If you had asked me yesterday how I'm doing, the answer might not have been pleasant, but I slept for ten hours last night and I'm feeling much better. The amazing recuperative powers of sleep.

Beyond Brussels Sprouts: Eating The Leaves 
I'm in the home stretch of spring semester and I'm just trying to hold on. I'm fairly certain they're trying to do me in. From the very beginning, I've said my goal is simply to still be standing at the end of each semester. Funny, how it's almost come down to that. If I can just stay upright, I think I might be able to pull this off.

I'm convinced this new way of eating and of looking at food is the biggest factor in being able to make it through these courses. It doesn't matter how capable or determined we are, when our bodies are also trying to cope with consistently bad food choices, all of our energy reserves go into trying to digest food and there's precious little energy left for anything else. I've had my moments, transitioning from processed foodstuff to eating real food. It was really hard getting started, but the choices are easier now. Between juicing and eating whole foods, I'm feeling so good. I think I can actually make it.  

I'm not going to be writing any page-turners here in the next several weeks, I may not even keep up with my daily check-ins over at The Constant In-Between, but I'm still here, juicing away. I went to my garden this morning and picked kale and  giant Brussels sprout leaves to add to my juice. I planted these veggies late last fall. They made it through the winter nicely and I now have a garden filled with beautiful greens. I'm so psyched about harvesting things from my own garden to juice. I'll be planting more soon to keep this going.

Talk again soon.

Happy juicing,

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